RE: Cara agar akun Adsense berhasil dipulihkan saat ajukan banding ?

Saya punya banyak akun adsense tapi ada beberapa yang di banned. Nah bagaimana caranya mengajukan banding agar berhasil? Maksudnya alasan apa sih yang bagusdipakai untuk bisa memenangkan banding dengan google? Tolong kasih gombalannya gan 😀 .

(Note : Adsense dibanned bukan karena blackhat tapi karena terlalu lama dibiarkan menganngur (tapi sekarang sudah tahu solusinya agar adsense nganggur tetap aman) )

Mr. Cool Doktor Ditanyakan on 24 August 2016 pada Internet.
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Kirim email ke Google Support

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Dear Google Adsense Support Team,
I genuinely apologize for the trouble that my account and its closure has caused not only me, but also you the company, as well as your third party advertisers. I am really sorry that this situation arose and would enjoy the privilege of having our case reviewed and our account reinstated. If you look at our account history, you will notice that we have never had any issues with fraud or any violation of Google’s TOS before, and neither I nor any of my employees have clicked on any of our ads because we took precautions specifically against this and installed Firefox extensions disabling our own ads from being shown on our computers.
However, as it turns out, on one of the websites that runs our Adsense campaign, there is indeed a traffic spike in our visitor stats and from a particular source which could have been the cause for this issue. Unfortunately this was out of our hands at that point, so I completely agree with Google on disabling my account at that moment in order to protect your advertisers, but please bear in mind that we have never had any problems with our advertisers as we are facing now, nor have our traffic statistics skyrocketed in the direction that we have seen. I have since talked to various individuals to help me learn more about safeguarding how my ads are displayed, and I have taken the following steps to ensure that something like this will not happen again:
 1. I have read and re-read the Google TOS and taken steps to ensure my websites undoubtedly comply with all Google terms.
2. Purchased software for my website to monitor all activity to ensure that all fraudulent activity is stopped and prevented.
3. Will make use of the Google Allowed-Sites feature in the Adsense program to ensure that advertisements appear only on sites that I allow them to and that comply with Google Adsense Program Policies.
So please review our case and please deduct any earnings that are involved with questionable activity. I do not wish any advertiser to have paid for fraudulent clicks and I will do everything I can to ensure that my sites continue to comply with this program’s policies.
I have enjoyed your program up to this incident and would really love to enjoy the opportunity to work with Google again.
Once again, thank you for your consideration, and I await your response to our case and will continue to ask you to review our case. I have really enjoyed Google, and I’m not going to let it slip away because of somebody who liked the idea of sending fraudulent clicks through our account.
Finally, I will do everything in my power to keep myself in compliance with Google as well as a valued publisher!
Attached are traffic statistics for,, and The IP addresses our company uses are 34.342.356.12 and 607.34.325.2.
Thank you for your time,
John Smith
Advertising Manager
Website Name
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Doktor Terjawab on 24 August 2016

Thanks ness

on 24 August 2016.
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