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hello there..greeting from malaysia..found this web from me a lot undertsanding how to set up server..i already have my own server which ive bought from digital ocean,also with pritunl for problem now is,the speen i get are too slow,which is below there any way to improve the speed?or is there anything wrong with my server set up,ovpn config,or telco bug or is it my proxy..i really need help..thanks in advance..=)

amri PlayGroup Ditanyakan on 27 July 2016 pada Internet.
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Hello bro, how are you?

Alright I’ll give the instructions for you so you can get the speed of the internet quickly using openvpn server/secure shell that you have.

If you want to add to the speed of the internet using vpn/secure shell (ssh) you must make configuration openvpn correctly. an active bug and use from your mobile carrier.

Here I would give the tutorials make configuration using Htto injectors Android, you should first find out the BUG operator simcard you (with your own tricks and depending on provider).

After that you use http the injectors, and do the following configuration:
CONNECT [host_port] [protocol] [crlf Host: [crlf] X-hosted Online: [crlf] X-Forward-Host: [crlf] [crlf]

Note: change the so bugs are active in accordance with your operator.
After that you enter the user, password, ip, and port settings on your ssh ssh http in the injectors.

If you are an internet user for free on your computer, then you must have a tool, this tool there is injection bug in coding and compilation of his payload, sebainya you join the users internet vpn/ssh and the pheaking in your place, because it would be easier to get the appropriate Operator operator BUG you.

That’s what I can tell, if you need help, please contact us at

Sarjana Terjawab on 30 July 2016
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