Ada yang bisa bantu menerjemahkan Bahasa Inggris ini ?

Aku punya beberapa kalimat bahasa inggris. Namun, aku sama sekali bingung dalam menerjemahkannya ke bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Grammar bahasa inggris aku tidak begitu baik. Bagi yang master soal bahasa inggrisnya, tolong bantu aku ya? Ada yang bisa bantu menerjemahkan Bahasa Inggris ini ? Terima kasih.

Berikut kalimat-kalaimat yang aku maksud itu:

01. He asked her out for a movie.
02. My sister is better off now that she found new friends. The old ones were mean to her!
03. They were the perfect couple, I never thought they would break up!
04. At a bar, he always tries to chat up the girls around him.
05. She never cheated on him, but he keeps lying to her.
06. He fell for her when he saw she was a soccer fan.
07. My boyfriend and I get along very well.
08. Every week, she goes out with a different guy!
09. He is 35 and, now, he thinks it is time to find a girl to settle down.
10. They were always arguing, so they decided to split up.
11. The boss could not account for all the absences.
12. The marketing team carried out several tests before launching the campaign.
13. In every meeting, she always comes up with the best solutions.
14. We have to deal with complaints from clients everyday.
15. The accountant has to go over the books every month.
16. I have to go through the report today.
17. Spending to have a good team pays off.
18. They have to point out the benefits of the merger.
19. The producer puts out new CDs every week.
20. Some companies specialize in taking over small ventures.
21. A group of journalists set up a new magazine.
22. The plane is due in at 5pm.
23. I’m off to Paris now.
24. Traveling is great, but we were tired when we got back to town.
25. The plane gets in at 12 pm.
26. The British trains always pull in on time.
27. When the train pulled out, we were happy to finally start our trip.
28. My parents saw me off at the airport.
29. The family set off to the beach really early.
30. While going to the farm, we had to stop over to eat.
31. International flights cannot take off from local airports.
32. She called her friend to catch up on the gossip.
33. I don’t like to get into fights.
34. Hold on, they have to pick up the books first.
35. When the car ran out of gas, he was in the middle of nowhere.
36. I bring my son up with all the love I possibly can.
37. He never cooks, but now he is baking a cake. I don’t know how it will come out.
38. She spent hours in front of the computer trying to find out her brother’s password.
39. College is difficult, but you can’t give up!
40. The class was over, but the teacher kept going on and on about the life of the germs.
41. Students have to look up new words in the dictionary.
42. We told her she was awful, but we regretted. So, we took it back.
43. Some athletes use steroids to bulk up.
44. The match had to be called off due to the rain.
45. The Australian rider came in 2nd in the grand prix.
46. When skaters fall off, it must hurt!
47. When Cuba and Brazil play off, the volleyball court is full of excitement.
48. Players have to warm up before every game.
49. Working out is really good for your health.
50. The fans were cheering on the basketball players.
51. I have trouble keeping up with aerobics classes.
52. Mike Tyson knocked out many of his opponents.
53. Real Madrid will take on River Plate and crush them.

TK Ditanyakan on 30 March 2017 pada Pelajaran.
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Bantu terjemahin sampai 9 saja. Sekali lagi kalau mau tau bahasa inggris jangan selalu minta di transletin guys. We are legion. Espect Us

01. Dia meminta dia keluar untuk menonton film
02. Saudaraku lebih baik sekarang setelah dia menemukan teman barunya. Dibanding yang lama
03. Mereka adalah pasangan yang sempurna. Saya tidak pernah terfikirkan mereka berpisah
04. Saat di bar, dia selalu mencoba untuk mengajak bicara perempuan disekitarnya
05. Dia (perempuan) tidak pernah membohongi dia (laki). Tapi dia terus membohonginya.
06. Dia menjatuhkannya ketika ia melihat dia adalah seorang penggemar sepak bola.
07. Hubungan aku dan pacarku berjalan dengan baik
08. Setiap minggu, dia pergi dengan laki yang berbeda
09. Dia sudah 35tahun. sekarang, dia berfikir ini saatnya untuk mencari pacar dan menyelesaikannya

SMP Terjawab on 31 March 2017
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